On the premise of considering regional factors, the company's overall salary level is competitive in the same industry in the same region, so as to ensure the attractiveness of all kinds of talents.
Salary distribution follows the principle of post salary and post matching. Implement the post salary system, according to the characteristics of the post and the skill level of the staff, and determine the salary level of the company with the relative value of the position of the employee.
According to the functional characteristics of each post, all the company posts are divided into 5 sequences, namely, management, professional, technical, sales, job classes. Two track promotion system, that is, employees can be in different positions in the ranks of different ranks, salary level is not high.


  Allowance: job allowance, skill allowance, special post allowance, etc.;
Subsidies: transportation subsidies, meals subsidies, far city subsidies, foreign subsidies and so on;
Other salary income
Sales commission incentives, R & D Project Awards, year-end awards, excellent staff incentives, etc.;
The official staff for five social insurance and one housing fund;
Enjoy the communication allowance and the vehicle oil paste according to the position;
A commuter train for the main trunk routes in Shanghai;
Free travel in spring and free medical examination in spring;
Gedian modern equipment manufacturing base provides fully equipped free accommodation;
National statutory holiday benefits;
Employee's birthday, marriage, birth and other Union benefits;
A rich variety of sports, activities, etc.